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Man in critical condition after shooting, suspect on the loose

KEARNS – Officers are still trying to track down a man involved in shooting another man while they were in the same car in Kearns.

The Unified Police Department got the call to Copper City Drive near Thomas Bacchus Elementary just after noon.  Sergeant Melody Gray says a woman was driving down the road and saw a white car with both doors open, with the victim by the vehicle.

The victim has been identified as 23-year old Devon Stanfill from Bountiful.  Gray says they have reason to believe two men were acquainted.

“The victim picked him up, so, we can assume they knew each other,” Gray says.

Stanfill was taken to IMC in extremely critical condition after the shooting, but he was able to briefly speak with first responders before he was rushed to the hospital.  He reportedly said the shooter’s name is Ty, and described him as a bald white male with blue eyes.  Gray says they don’t know a possible motive.

“The victim was involved in a domestic [situation] earlier today.  From what we were able to gather, this has nothing to do with that domestic,” she says.

Investigators are now trying to see if there is any is any surveillance video that may help give them a better look at the suspect.  Police placed officers on nearby streets to search for the suspect, but they had no luck.

Gray says, “We brought K9 units out here to search for a suspect that, given they were in a vehicle, we assumed he left on foot.  That search did not turn anything up.”