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Utah Rep. Chris Stewart: “The work isn’t done” on immigration

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WASHINGTON DC — The president signed an executive order ending separation of families who cross the U.S. border illegally, and the House of Representatives takes up immigration bills on Thursday.

“The work isn’t done. We still need to look at a longer-term fix to this and something more permanent that’s done legislatively,” 2nd District Congressman Chris Stewart, R-Utah, said.

He spoke on ABC’s podcast “Start Here,” for Thursday, June 21.

“I wish the President would’ve acted more quickly. We’ve been speaking about this for several weeks now, and it frustrated me not just with the President, but with the House and the Senate as well,” said Stewart.

He talked about what he was trying to “impress upon the President” before President Trump made his decision:

“We can’t look at these pictures, you can’t hear these audio recordings, you can’t know what’s going on at the border where you have young children separated from their parents and just say, That’s okay. We can do better than that,” said Stewart.

Stewart said earlier in the week that one solution could be to have parents wear ankle bracelets to keep families together while waiting for detention hearings.