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Utah Rep. Mia Love pushes for compromise bill on immigration

(Photo: Spenser Heaps, Deseret News)

WASHINGTON DC — Congress appears stuck again on immigration, but Utah Representative Mia Love hopes to convince fellow representatives to do something.

The more conservative bill failed Thursday. Most of Utah’s House members voted for it, except for Love. She is pushing the compromise bill now up for a vote next week.

“The practice of separating loving families from their children at the border has been heartbreaking to watch, which is why we should support this bill. We are a nation of laws, and we should provide laws that create certainty about the fate of these families,” she said on the House floor.

The bill has been pushed to next week. Love says it “hits a sweet spot, allowing us to both follow the rule of law and show compassion to those who seek the freedom and blessings this country has to offer.”

She also talked about being the daughter of Haitian immigrants who worked hard in their new country.

She has helped seek support for a provision allowing families caught crossing the border illegally or seeking asylum to stay together in detention.

Utah’s other congressmen voted for the more conservative bill because they say it was an important first step on immigration reform. Representative Bishop was a co-sponsor.

They say they want to see the final version of the bill before commenting.