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Utah immigrants upset, unfazed by SCOTUS travel ban ruling

SALT LAKE CITY – They’re unhappy, but refugees and immigrants now living in Utah are unsurprised the Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban from five mostly-Muslim countries, plus two others.

A former Somali refugee, Saida Dahir, recited a poem for President Trump at a rally for Immigrant Heritage Month in downtown Salt Lake.

“They hear loud explosions again and again, but all these kids are wishing for is a paper and a pen,” said Dahir, 17.

Now, she says she is figuring out how to tell her family in Somalia how they cannot come to the U.S. now as terrorists and criminals make a bad name for innocents and crush their hopes.

Luckily, Dahir came to the U.S. when she was three years old, and has made Utah her home.

“Whatever is happening in the Administration is really one thing, but what’s happening in my city is a completely separate thing,” Dahir said.

“It’s full of unity and full of love and acceptance, and I love it.”

President Trump claims Somalia, Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela don’t vet travelers enough, and terrorists can slip through their systems and endanger the U.S.