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Report outlines what downtown SLC wants, needs for growth

SALT LAKE CITY – A new report outlines what downtown Salt Lake wants and needs to become an even more popular place to live and work.

Towers of housing and office space will continue to rise.

“The private sector is really following suit now and following where that demand has been… at a really high pace which is going to be good for the city,” said Ben Kolendar, deputy director of Salt Lake City’s Economic Development Dept.

He says a new report from the Salt Lake Chamber’s Downtown Alliance finds high demand for more arts and entertainment to boost the area’s experience.

Kolendar adds starting businesses is becoming faster.

“It used to take about 114 days for the permitting process within Salt Lake City,” he said. “Within one year, that’s been cut to 59 days.”

Kolendar finds downtown more affordable and investment friendly next to similar-sized metros.