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Doomsday sect leader wanted to have family with 8-year-old girl he abused

(Photo: Sam Penrod, KSL)

MANTI — The self-proclaimed prophet and co-founder of Knights of the Crystal Blade pleaded guilty today to child sex abuse in Sanpete County.

In court, Samuel Shaffer answered questions from Judge Marvin Bagley about why he would believe himself to be married to and have sex with an 8-year-old girl.

“We were going to have a family together, grow old together, and she would be okay,” said Bagley. He believes the marriage was ordained by God.

When asked what he would tell the 8-year-old girl now, Shaffer said, “I want her to know it’s ok, and that I love her…and I want her to be happy.”

Judge Bagley said he isn’t aware of any religion that condones Shaffer’s actions, but says they were “certainly a violation of Utah law.”

Shaffer pleaded guilty last month to child rape and abuse charges in Iron County.