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Police are unsure of motive in West Valley double homicide

WEST VALLEY – Police are trying to get to the bottom of a double homicide in West Valley, but, investigators say the events leading up to the shootings are very bizarre.

The victims in the shooting, Chasidy Gerber and Martin Barron, live in a trailer that’s on the property where the shooting occurred on 3550 South.  Police Spokesperson Roxeanne Vainuku says one of the men who rents the trailer was outside with his children when Kennedy Lund exited the home.

“Mister Lund comes out back.  He’s naked and he has a gun,” according to Vainuku.

That man took his children inside the trailer, however, Vainuku says, “In the meantime, two other people who live in that trailer come outside.  Witnesses tell us there was no sort of confrontation, no sort of conversation, but that Mr. Lund just started firing shots at these two, hitting and killing them both.”

Police say they don’t know of any long-standing issues between Lund and the victims and they don’t know of any mental health problems.

“We really don’t know what led up to this.  What we do know, at this point, is that we didn’t find anything that would indicate drugs or drug use, so far,” Vainuku says.

Blood samples have been sent to the lab for a toxicology screening to see if any drugs were in Lund’s system at the time of the shooting.  Lund was taken for a medical evaluation.

She says, “Mister Lund was in a highly agitated state and we were not able to interview him.”

Lund was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on two counts of murder.