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32 cows poisoned in Tooele and police want to know who’s responsible

Photo: Mike DeBernardo/KSL-TV

TOOELE — The owner of Bit N’Spur Riding Club arena was shocked on Wednesday morning when he found 32-cows in distress.

When Micheal Dow checked on his herd, he found many of them frothing at the mouth and others were on the ground with their legs sticking straight out.

Tooele police say  pellets were found in the cows’ water trough, and they’re believed to be rat poison.  About a third of the pellets were floating in the water at the top, but most of the pellets had sunk to the bottom and were dissolving.

Sergeant Jeremy Hansen says they have no leads as to who did this as there’s no security footage at the riding club.  Dow is offering a 1000-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons who did this.

Sgt. Hansen says the water trough is out in the open and can be accessed by anyone.  He also says this is the first during his 12-years on the force he’s seen anything like this.

Sgt. Hansen also stated, “as of this morning the cattle are doing well and none have died as far as he knows.”