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10-year-old dies in scuba accident in Tooele County

Blue Lake in Tooele County(Tooele County Sheriff)

WENDOVER, Tooele County – Tooele County Sheriff’s Office says a 10-year-old boy died Wednesday while scuba diving at a lake near the Nevada state line.

The boy was out diving with his father at Blue Lake in Tooele County. Authorities believe the boy may have ascended too quickly and while the father was certified, the boy had not.

“They were about at 25 feet when the boy ascended quickly, up to the surface,” Tooele County Sheriff Lt. Ron Johnson said. “When he got out of the water, he started having some issues from possibly ascending too quickly.”

Responders were not able to revive the boy at the scene.

Blue Lake is about 16 miles south of Wendover. This story will be updated as more information is learned.