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We’re having a heat wave, but it isn’t tropical

SALT LAKE CITY — If your air conditioner is straining to keep you cool, you’re not alone.  Sweltering temperatures are hitting the Beehive State this week.  And you might actually be able to fry an egg on the asphalt, especially in Southern Utah where the high tomorrow is forecast for 108 degrees.

The hot air is moving north and will bring temperatures up to 102 along the Wasatch Front.  The extreme heat is not helping firefighting efforts across the Beehive state, but KSL meteorologist  Grant Weyman says we could see some relief next week.

The moisture should drop northern Utah back to the mid 90’s but it could also bring thunderstorms.  Unfortunately, the clouds may not produce very much rain but could definitely produce lightning which will not be welcome.  Weyman says the best outcome would be heavy rainfall and very little thunder.  But he adds, that doesn’t appear likely.