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Utah statewide restrictions aren’t just for fireworks

SALT LAKE CITY — The fire danger this year is worse than in 2017 when Utah saw an area the size of Maryland burn.

That’s one reason Governor Gary Herbert prohibited fireworks on any federal, state and unincorporated areas in the state but those restrictions aren’t just for fireworks.

Wasatch County will not allow any campfires to be lit in those man-made rock rings and Salt Lake City is prohibiting any campfires at all picnic sites in City Creek Canyon.

Temperatures are so hot and grasses are so dry even lighting fireworks or having a barbecue within city limits is a huge fire danger.

Salt Lake Fire Department spokesperson Audra Sorensen says she used to like fireworks, but not anymore.

One of the 10-fires in the Salt Lake Valley involved a backyard, a fence, and 9-cars which burned at 425 Wilson Ave around 12:30 am, an hour and a half after the 11 pm cut off time for lighting fireworks.

While the causes of all 10 fires are still under investigation, Sorensen says her knee-jerk reaction is when they get that many fires reported in one night, on the 4th of July, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s probably related to fireworks and outdoor barbecues.

Meanwhile, cities and counties continue to place more and more restrictions on where campfires and fireworks can and can’t be lit.

Go to Fire Marshal – for a full list of restrictions.