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Senator Hatch talks potential Supreme Court nominee

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is weighing in on President Donald Trump’s impending Supreme Court nominee in a new interview with Fox News.

“We have the obligation of supporting whoever the President puts up, and I suspect he’ll put up someone with dimension and ability,” he said.

He responded to what Democrats have been saying.

“They feel very deeply about politicizing the courts. They want them politicized as long as they meet their political concern.”

Hatch says he thinks the nominee could be confirmed by the end of September.

“It does take a good month to vet them, and get the committee members familiar with the nominee,” he said on Fox.

Hatch wrote in the Deseret News on Sunday that he doesn’t want the process to be too political.

And in the piece he may have dropped a hint about the nominee by using the pronouns “she” and “her.” One woman is said to be on President Trump’s short list.