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Woman saved from burning room at nursing home in Logan.
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Logan nursing home employee rescues woman from burning bed

LOGAN — Nurse Kathy Price says she was just doing her job when she rescued a Rocky Mountain Care resident from a burning bed.

Price says her shift was nearly over, when co-workers reported smelling something strange. She walked down the hall to find smoke billowing out of resident Kathleen Lucherini’s room. Price did not wait to find a fire extinguisher, as she had been trained. Instead, she jumped into action.

“I knew if I left her there even longer, that she would be hurt,” says Price. “So, I just ran to her bed and pulled her up, and over the side of the bed and onto the ground.”

Price then dragged Lucherini to safety in the hallway. An employee using a fire extinguisher, the building’s ceiling sprinkler system, and firefighters were able to quickly put out the fire.

Kathleen’s son, Monte Lucherini, says what Price did was absolutely incredible.

“I think it was miraculous,” says Lucherini. “The more information I get, that the bed was on fire, and that Kathy lifted her out – I’m just so grateful.” He also praised the Rocky Mountain Care staff, saying they did exactly what they were supposed to.

The fire was confined just to the one room. The resident rescued from the bed was transported to a nearby hospital with only minor injuries.

Kathleen Lucherini was transported to a nearby hospital with only minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.

Fire officials say the bed caught fire after an electrical cord malfunction on an air conditioning unit in the room.