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Facial recognition technology at summer camp

Two campers run together after finishing a ropes course at T Bar M Camp in Spicewood, Texas. (Photo: Waldo Photos)

ASHVILLE, N.C. —┬áMore than 100 camps across the country are using new facial scanning software to let parents see their kids while at sleep-away camp.

Often, these camps have photographers roaming the grounds snapping photos of kids swimming, canoeing, and s’more making, the sea of potentially hundred’s of photos then posted on the camp’s website for parents to sift through.

Waldo Photos

Thanks to companies like Waldo Photos, you can now upload a photo of your child and the software scans it to pick your kid out of the crowd then sends it directly to you.

There are some privacy concerns with the growing field of facial recognition, but the company’s CEO Rodney Rice says the program has protective features in place and is completely opt-in.