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Colbie Caillat
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Why These 5 Colbie Caillat Songs Will Make You Smile

Photo: Martijn van de Streek from The Netherlands under CC BY-SA 2.0

This article is sponsored by BYU. This year Grammy Award-winning and multiplatinum-selling singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat will be the featured guest for BYU Spectacular! She will be joined by singer-songwriter and American Idol standout David Archuleta for an unforgettable performance at Brigham Young University’s Marriott Center as part of BYU Homecoming 2018.

Originally breaking out as a MySpace phenomenon Colbie Caillat has made an incredible name for herself since the release of her first EP Hearts are Magnets in 2006 and later her first full album Coco in 2007. With 6 studio albums and multiple Grammys, there may still be some facts about your favorite Colbie Caillat you didn’t know. You can see Colbie Caillat at this year’s BYU Spectacular. Don’t forget to get your tickets HERE.

But until then, here are 5 Colbie Caillat songs that will make you smile.

1. Realize

Colbie Caillat, singer/songwriter Jason Reeves, and his roommate were a close group of three friends. Colbie didn’t know that Jason’s roommate had a crush on her. Later when she found out about it, she decided to base a new song on the experience. Jason helped co-write the song with Colbie from the perspective of his friend.

2. Goldmine

When Colbie heard this tune from writer Taylor Berrett, she was in love with it and immediately started writing to it alongside longtime collaborator Jason Reeves as well as Colbie’s friend and former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi who they brought in to write the song with them via Skype.

3. Try

The song ‘Try’ came after Colbie released another song, ‘Hold On’. When the song didn’t perform as well as anticipated, the record company told Colbie to return to the studio and find a new sound. Colbie felt like she was being asked to be someone else. When she told the story to her producer, Babyface, they decided to make a song out of it.

4. I Never Told You

Colbie wrote this song in her hotel bathroom while she was touring Europe. It was written following a breakup where she missed the person constantly. The song was finished later with the help of Jason Reeve and Kara DioGuardi.

5. Bubbly

Colbie says she didn’t write Bubbly for any one person in particular. She wrote it for the feeling that you get when you have a crush on someone. How they give you butterflies in your stomach and just make you smile.

Don’t Miss Colbie Caillat

Don’s miss Colbie Caillat at this year’s BYU Spectacular as part of Homecoming at BYU. Get your tickets HERE!