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Provo man dies in crash on homemade go-kart

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PROVO – A 47-year-old Provo man died when he crashed his homemade go-kart, but police say he could have lived.

The man went flying near 750 S. 600 West on Tuesday night.

“He hit a speed bump and lost control of it,” Sgt. Nisha King said. “We’re not sure if he tried to jump out of it, or if he was thrown from it.”

The go-kart broke into several pieces, King added, and the man hit the ground hard.

First responders tried to save him at the scene, but he died at Utah Valley Hospital.

The man wore neither a seatbelt nor a helmet.

“Seatbelts and a helmet could have minimized injuries,” King said. “I can’t say that it would have changed the outcome of this accident, but overall, wear protective gear in any circumstance you can.”

The man was alone in the crash. Police are determining his speed and other factors in their investigation.