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Drowned Boy Scout leader’s widow speaks

SALEM — The widow of a Scout leader who drowned after saving one of his charges is now talking about her loss.

Diana Kratzer was at Salem pond watching her husband, Wesley, 22, in the water with three scouts and two other adult leaders from Orem. They were teaching swimming techniques at a scout activity. Investigators say one of the boys began to struggle in the water.

“The leader pushed the boy to another leader to help get him out of the water,” says Salem Police Chief Brad James.

Investigators say Wesley then went under the water. Emergency divers found his body 50 minutes later, he was 12 feet under the surface.

“He could have cramped up. He could have been fatigued. He could have had a medical issue. He’s been taken to the medical examiner’s office and we hope they will be able to give us some of these answers,” Chief James said.

“He is a hero. Not only for saving that kid but for being a nice person and a great example for all of us,” Diana Kratzer said.

Wesley’s dad, Tay, says his son was a great example to his eight siblings.

“Just the kind of darling son that anybody would want, you know,” said Tay Kratzer.

Tay says his son will be remembered for how he died, helping others.

“We come here to earth, really, to learn love. And Wesley learned that,” Tay said.

Diana Kratzer has been married to Wesley since February.

“I never thought this was going to happen,” Diana Kratzer said.

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