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Summit Co.: shipments of overseas drug intercepted, more could be out there

PARK CITY — The Summit County Attorney and sheriff and Park City police are issuing a community alert warning parents to be on the lookout for a new kind of drug circulating around Park City.

The investigation involved multiple jurisdictions, according to the Summit County Attorney’s Office, which found someone had ordered the substances via the “dark web,” a secret corner of the internet accessed by special software to conduct illegal activity.

“I wanted every parent in the community to be aware that, again, there had been shipments, of this nature into the community.  Law enforcement intercepted some of them,” according to Summit County Attorney Margaret Olson.

She says her concern was that others may have slipped through the cracks.  So, she’s asking all parents to look for any suspicious packages or drug paraphernalia.  If you see one, you’re being asked to call police, immediately.  However, she urges anyone who sees these packages not to touch them.

“Some of these things are so toxic that even touching them could be deadly,” she says

All too familiar

They’re not releasing the name of the drugs, but, she says they’re potentially as lethal as a drug that killed two boys in 2016.

“These substances are different from ‘Pink,’ but they are just as dangerous,” Olson says.

She says the latest case involved at least one of the same teens who was involved in the shipment of “Pink” in the Park City area, which ultimately resulted in the overdose deaths of two Treasure Mountain Junior High students in September of that year, within just a 48 hour period.

A 15-year-old student was eventually charged and sentenced in that case.

Pink can come in many forms, including powders.

In 2016, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office released this photo of what “pink” might look like, in order to help parents spot it in backpacks or purses.

In 2016, the sheriff’s office and Park City School District urged parents to watch for suspicious packages in the mail, along with paraphernalia or packaging. This time, the statement from the Summit County Attorney’s Office says “The Summit County Attorney’s Office is screening and filing delinquency charges in the Third District Juvenile Court and will they be pursued in the strongest possible manner.”