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People saving spaces for Days of 47 Parade

SALT LAKE CITY — “It’s tradition,” said JJ Hamilton, when asked why he was sitting in a lawn chair so early in the morning on Monday, July 23rd on 200 East downtown.

He explained it was his assigned turn to save the space his large family had picked out to watch the Days of 47 Parade.

He and several other groups had already staked out spots at least 24 hours ahead of the start of the yearly Pioneer Day parade.

Eric, from Farmington, also said that camping out, and sitting so close, was a tradition for his family that he looked forward to every year, and missed while he was away serving an LDS Mission.

“It’s absolutely worth it. Especially when you have the motorcycle squad come right up close, and you high five them and they are doing tricks. It’s just a different feeling,” he said.

They had board games and a cooler full of food to help them pass the time.

People along 200 East say it is the best spot, because it’s right at the beginning of the parade when the marching bands and others aren’t tired, and the floats have just turned the corner on South Temple from being on KSL 5 television.

“They are all smiling and feeling good,” said Eric.

“And you can get away faster when it’s over,” said JJ.

Posted signs said not to reserve spaces before 6pm on Monday, but the people along the way felt like they could easily wait on the sidewalk and then move back onto the grass if needed.

They say Salt Lake City Police motor and bike squads often come by, making them feel safe.

To learn more about the parade route and floats, click here.

It starts at 9am Tuesday, July 24 at South Temple and State Street, then goes south on 200 East to 900 South, where it turns east and ends at 600 East in Liberty Park.