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Fire burns north of the state capitol
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Three-alarm fire above Capitol under control

SALT LAKE CITY — Crews appear to have gained the upper hand on a three-alarm fire that burned several acres and threatened homes in the foothills above the Utah State Capitol building Tuesday.

Firefighters at work

Firefighters continue to put out hotspots north of Utah’s state capitol building

Officials did not immediately have word on what caused the fire, but the conditions are very dry and hot. An unknown number of homes were evacuated as the flames burned near them.

Salt Lake City Fire Department said two firefighters were injured while battling the blaze, but could not confirm their conditions.

At one point, a reporter for talked to a witness who said the flames were as tall as some homes. Some homeowners could be seen using their garden hoses to help spray the area around their homes in hopes of keeping the fire from re-igniting.

“We saw our neighbors, everyone was coming out on their decks, packing up their cars, driving off,” another witness observed.

“It was really yellow grass up here, so it ignited quickly,” another witness said, describing the scramble to throw some belongings in their car just in case they needed to leave.

Police closed off Columbus St. at Girard Ave. so fire engines could respond. A three-alarm fire indicates a larger response.