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Harrisville police ask victims of donation scam to file reports

(Photo: Harrisville Police)

HARRISVILLE — Police want people to come forward in connection with a donation scam where people were approached by a woman who was seeking money for a young boy needing a heart transplant.

Harrisville police received calls last week from the parents of the boy, saying they had received reports that a woman was soliciting money on their behalf. They told police they never authorized the woman to do so, and have no idea who she is.

Using security cameras from a business the suspect tried gathering money from, police were able to identify her as Melissa White in less than an hour after posting her photo to social media. Police say White has a criminal record.


“We’ve had her in our office for an extensive interview this morning,” says Harrisville Police Chief Max Jackson. “Some of this is being admitted to, some of it’s not. We’re going to take this in whatever direction it takes us.”

Police believe she gathered money from people in Weber, Davis, and Salt Lake counties.

Chief Jackson says, “It’s our hope that we can get as many people that she approached, or who she took money from, so that we can aggregate all these cases into one and give it to our county attorney.”

Those approached by White, or who donated money, are asked to call Harrisville Police at 801-629-8221 or by email at