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Water reservoirs are drying up due to lawn overwatering

(Photo: KSL TV)

FARMINGTON — Many cities across northern Utah are experiencing water shortages due to the lack of snowpack.

Dry conditions are not helping to keep H2O in our reservoirs and the overuse of sprinklers is the biggest reason for depleting water supplies.

In Davis County, the Benchland Irrigation Water District reservoir lost 25-million gallons in one night and officials say the supply will be completely dry up by September 1st if drastic measures aren’t taken.

Farmington City is looking into metering the H2O usage of its residents but that option would cost $1000 per connection, not including the cost to hire employees and bill customers.

Farmington is also set to raise irrigation rates substantially and residents are already being fined $50.00 if they douse their lawns between 8 am and 8 pm.  If caught a third time breaking the restrictions, residents will be cut off from the irrigation supply.

In Riverton, residents are being asked to cut both their culinary and secondary water by 25-percent, with businesses and homes each using nearly 700-gallons of culinary H2O daily, as well as 29-hundred gallons of irrigation water per household each day.

“If your lawn is totally green, then you’re likely overwatering,” said Riverton City spokesperson Casey Saxton before explaining that the reduction is only voluntary¬†as of right now.

Riverton City has also cut back watering its parks and green spaces and now uses 25-percent less than the state-recommended amount of use each week.