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Wildfire smoke makes for unhealthy air quality

KSL Air Quality map for July 30, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY– Wildfires around the state aren’t doing Utah’s air quality any favors. KSL Meteorologist Grant Weyman says today’s air will be moderately unhealthy.

” Unfortunately the air quality is getting a bit worse along the Wasatch front. We’ve got our own air quality network and it’s showing a lot of stations in the yellow or moderately unhealthy category and a lot of it because of the smoke we’ve got in the skies.  Our Ozone pollution has been going up so our pollution levels are on the rise.” Weyman says.

Hundreds of wildfires are burning in the western U.S., which Weyman says that may be playing a role in our poor air quality as well.

“A lot of smoke in California, and regional areas across the state as well and so the smoky conditions not making the air any better in fact pollution levels getting worse as time has been going on. Moderately unhealthy air in a lot of places across the Wasatch Front,” says Weyman.

There are currently hundreds of fires burning in the western United States.