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Utah’s alcohol regulators launch ‘get to know us’ YouTube videos

SALT LAKE CITY – One Utah department is trying to boost its image with a series of YouTube videos called “Meet the DABC.”

The Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control says to not blame them for Utah’s liquor laws or liquor prices. The DABC wants to end misconceptions among state residents about the process and how it works.

To be sure, the DABC has seen some strange special orders.

“It ranges from peanut butter stout to some sort of crème liqueur coming from a very remote part of the world,” said employee Chris Brunelli in one video.

In another video, Deputy Director Cade Meier explains the state’s limit on the number of liquor stores.

“There’s a quota that the legislature has given us, in which we can have one for every 48,000 residents,” he said. “If you do the math, it shows that we’re a little short.

The department also wants to end lawmakers’ criticisms of DABC operations stemming from a 2012 state audit.