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WVC police go after crosswalk enforcement

WEST VALLEY CITY – Police are cracking down on inattentive drivers and pedestrians to reduce the number of crosswalk accidents after three people died in 2018 in West Valley City.

Police have timed the enforcement with the return of students to school.

In plain clothes, Det. Darren Mower crossed a busy 4100 South in a crosswalk.

“I got flipped off once by a driver [who] almost ran me over,” Mower said. “He decided to pass two cars that were stopped in the travel lanes.

“That guy was stopped and he was issued a citation.”

Mower had more than a dozen close calls today near 4300 West during a West Valley Police enforcement.

Mower has worked hundreds of crashes in eleven years.

“I’ve been to dozens of auto-pedestrian crashes involving deaths over those years,” he said. “I’d rather they not happen. If this (enforcement) helps at all, even better.”

Mower tells drivers and pedestrians to assume each cannot see each other, so cross carefully and slowly.