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Merril Hoge verbally attacked BYU over its decision to move his son
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Merril Hoge blasts BYU for changing son’s football position

PROVO – A famous father is livid over BYU football’s choice to reposition his son, once a contender for starting quarterback, to running back. His son is doing the apologizing.

Merril Hoge did not hold back.

“This is as bizarre and smelly as anything I’ve ever seen,” Hoge said.

The former ESPN analyst told BYU SportsNation that the Cougars should not have moved his son, Beau Hoge, from quarterback to running back.

“He said, ‘They’re thinking about moving me to running back,’” Merril quoted Beau as telling him. “I said, ‘Well, that’s stupid.’”

On the show, Merril roasted assistant head coach Ed Lamb, who called Joe Critchlow the future of Cougar quarterbacking.

“You realize Ed Lamb recruited Critchlow, and then you start to smell,” Merril said. “It doesn’t smell good.

Coaches like that, to me, are weasels on staffs. You don’t have a staff member do that.”

On Twitter, Beau Hoge apologized for his father, saying he should have told him what was happening.

Beau says he’s at peace with being a running back. The move could mean he gets more playing time during games.