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OPINION: Why would you not indict Trump?

I’m not really interested in the Paul Manafort verdict beyond the fact that once again the so-called Witch Hunt continues to get convictions. And that the Trump campaign was hoping to use not guilty verdicts to go after Mueller. But when Mueller wins, suddenly this trial doesn’t matter and has nothing to do with Trump. OK?

Back when Michael Cohen’s offices were searched many people said that it was no big deal that the president made a payoff to several people to remain quiet. The president also denied knowing about any of the payments.

During this time we engaged in speculation on this show about what the possibilities were. Some of the conclusions I came up with played out to a tee in court yesterday. These payments could potentially be more damaging to Trump than any investigation into Russia.

  1. If he lied to banks in securing the monies that would be bank fraud.
  2. If he used a shell corporation to transfer the money that could securities fraud.
  3. If the money was spent to benefit a campaign then that would be campaign finance violations.
  4. If it can be shown that Trump knew about the payments or directed them then he would potentially be guilty of conspiracy to commit all of these crimes.
  5. There is audio of him discussing the very things that lead to these convictions
  6. If he were not the president he would be charged already.

The time is here to see if Republicans actually care about the laws or if they just care about the laws that Democrats break. I am already hearing this being downplayed as piddly campaign laws.

  1. These laws were passed to keep the rich from buying elections.
  2. A man is going to be behind bars for 5 years for breaking these piddly laws.
  3. This is the game we play in politics. At first, Trump was not a liar and it was just all political spin and the media. Then we were forced to admit he is a liar but it is ok because every politician lies. The same thing will play out with the crimes.
  4. Let’s all watch as the bar will now move from being law abiding by only having had committed lesser crimes than the other guy, oh and it will be the media’s fault

Can you name for me when something similar to this has happened?