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UVU graduation
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Utah Valley’s student body wants to eliminate fountain kiss

FILE PHOTO -- UVU announced it would be hosting its graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020, implementing a drive-thru system to maintain social distancing.

OREM — Students at Utah Valley University who log into the school’s website will see a virtual suggestion box. It’s to take alternate ideas for the Univerisity’s “Week of Welcome” event, which involves kissing.

It’s a decades-old tradition where students kiss others at the campus fountain at midnight to make them “True Wolverines.”

But student body president, Marc Reynolds wrote in the posted statement, “we are striving to promote a safer and more inclusive environment.”

Reynolds’ statement continues, “our current True Wolverine tradition does not achieve these goals.”

The “Week of Welcome” is being expanded this year to two weeks and include a summer movie series, Wolverine Bingo, and The Green Out Dance.  The student body is looking for suggestions to replace the kissing event, which will fit in with the other activities planned.