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A storm system left hail, flooding and mudslides across Utah
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Hail, storm takes northern Utah by surprise

KAYSVILLE — A soaker of a storm threw down as much water in a few minutes as many parts of Utah would normally get in several months.

Kaysville was especially hard hit by the storm.

Heather Caplan, wife of KSL’s Jeff Caplan, displays hail that fell in Kaysville.

Listeners sent in photos of flooding, hail and storm damage.

Listeners sent in photos of flooding, hail and storm damage.

KSL Meteorologist Grant Weyman says the system that resulted in several rounds of thunderstorm and flash flood warnings and watches was one for the books.

“Bountiful bench, over two inches of water. That was in town,” Weyman says. “Zion National Park, almost two inches of water there. Morgan (County) had almost an inch and a half and the list goes on. Lots of rain out of that storm system.”

Coral Pink Sand Dunes in the desert northeast of St. George got nearly four inches of rain, almost a year’s worth of precipitation for that area.

Some areas dealt with flash flooding, mudslides and road closures while mopping up from the intense rainfall. Others were pounded with hail in addition to the rain. Kaysville residents sent pictures and video to KSL showing hail that ranged from dime to ping-pong or golf-ball sized.