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Woman tells Kaysville police she fell for ‘romance scam’

KAYSVILLE — Police say a woman fell for a “romance scam” that left her “on the hook” with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cellphone bills.

The woman told Kaysville Police she had been “catfished” on a dating website.

“He pretended to be a contractor with the FBI, and that he needed the phones to work on some software for those phones,” Det. Brandon Woolf said.

He added the suspect got the 41-year-old woman to make him a manager on her account for Verizon Wireless — where she works — and billed her for 500 cellphones worth up to $500,000.

She even took the scammer’s shipping labels for the phones.

“So they were shipped out, and they went through another shipping company, which then got shipped out of the country, into an area in Africa,” Woolf said.

He called this a sad reminder not to give out personal information unless you know where it’s going.

“It’s unfortunate that there are just so many people out there waiting to make someone a victim, and take advantage of them emotionally just to get some money,” Woolf said.