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A Utah Studies survey was pulled over its questions
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“Questionable” survey pulled from Sandy school

A copy of a Utah Studies textbook

SANDY, Utah — A survey for some 7th graders in Sandy has now been deleted. The principal says it should not have been given in the first place.

School started Wednesday at Indian Hills Middle School, and some 7th-grade students in Utah Studies classes were given a survey asking them everything from their favorite color to whether they had visited a national park in Utah, all the way to religion and sexual orientation.

A couple of parents spoke up with concerns, saying the scope of questions got too sensitive and personal.

Canyons School District spokesman Jeff Haney says when the principal found out, he emailed all parents.

“The aim here was to be as transparent as possible. We wanted to make sure parents were aware of what we had done to mitigate any concerns they may have,” said Haney.

The survey answers were anonymous but have since been deleted anyway, and those two teachers trained more in how to get approval for such endeavors.