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OPINION: Did video games cause Jacksonville shooting?

JayMac: Do video games lead to violent crimes? Absolutely not.

People are blaming violent video games after a gunman opened fire at a video game competition.

Once again, if you’re so willing to jump out in front of the facts because you think you know the truth in order to cram in your political ideology or your viewpoint, you’re more interested in your viewpoint than you are in the truth.

I used to be one of those people. It used to make sense to me that violent video games would lead to violence in kids in mass shootings — but then I did some research and I came back with a totally different perspective.

According to the University of Southern California, despite the increase of the prevalence of video games, juvenile crime in the U.S. was at a 30-year low. If you’d like more information on these studies, click here.

That’s just one of many studies that indicate there’s no correlation between video games and violent crimes.

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