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Crash involving a semi snarls I-15 for hours

CENTERVILLE – A violent crash on southbound I-15 in Centerville causes delays for miles, but, police say they feel lucky no one died from it.

Investigators say the semi was heading south, but, a couple miles before Parrish Lane, fatigue may have set in.

“He hit the center divider, bounced off and came across all lanes of traffic,” according to UTA Spokesman Carl Arky.

Officers say as the truck was crossing to the right, it didn’t run into any other cars, which Arky says it miraculous.  However, he adds,   “Then, he hit a power box that powers one of the signs over the highway.  That power box sits on a large concrete block.  That’s what caused a lot of damage to the rig.”

The cab and the trailer flipped and landed off I-15, right next to FrontRunner train tracks.

“One of its tires was jutting out against the alignment, and that was just enough for the train to clip it,” Artky says.

No one on the train was hurt, but the damage to the truck was severe, it required two tow-trucks, one for the wreckage of the truck and the other for all of the parts that broke off the rig.

Despite the seriousness of the crash, Arky says, “[The driver] had minor injuries.  He also had a dog in the cab with him.  The dog, apparently, was not injured and is doing fine.”