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Customer demands Provo store remove spoof candy meth from shelves

Blue Sky Rock Candy spoofing the blue methamphetamine crystals in the AMC show Breaking Bad (Photo: Parker Twede)

PROVO — A Salt Lake City man is calling on a Provo retail store to remove a candy simulating methamphetamine crystals from its shelves.

You probably remember candy cigarettes — but have you heard of candy meth?

It’s called Blue Sky Rock Candy and the blueberry-flavored sweet is fashioned after the blue meth made by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s highly rated show “Breaking Bad.”

The candy has been in production for several years and is sold by many online retailers, including a Provo FYE retail store.

“I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t think it’s something to joke about,” says longtime FYE customer Parker Twede after seeing the product for the first time.

After thinking nonstop about what he saw inside the store, Twede decided to send an email to FYE’s corporate offices.¬†Twede thinks the whole idea is insensitive and wants the product taken down.

“I feel like it’s irresponsible and insensitive to the millions of people suffering from this terrible drug,” Twede says. “I have family members and friends that meth has affected their lives and the families of those who love them.”

Twede could understand if the candy were being sold in an adult novelty store, but thinks it’s simply inappropriate for a company marketing to families and children.

The company has not yet responded to Twede’s email.