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Troopers urge drivers to get off freeways after crashes

WEST VALLEY CITY — Ahead of Labor Day weekend travel, UHP troopers are urging drivers to take their crashes off of freeways for their own safety and that of first responders.

Sgt. Cade Brenchley’s life changed in Logan’s Sardine Canyon after a standard traffic stop turned into a horrific accident.

“A lot of things that are personal you don’t take for granted, like family,” he said. “Work-related, I definitely pay better attention to certain things.”

Dashcam video shows Brenchly flying and slamming into a car while working a crash site in March.

*WARNING: Some viewers may find the following video graphic*

Brenchley tells drivers to take their crashes off of freeways if they’re unhurt and their cars are not disabled, and not to stay on the shoulders, if possible.

“Gather yourself, and look at the situation and think, ‘OK, can we move this off the road? Can we move down to the next exit or the next cross street?'” Brenchley said.