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Warrants describe what was found in accused murderer’s home after killing of code enforcement officer

(Credit:: Salt Lake County)

WEST VALLEY – More details are coming out about what was found in the home of a man accused of shooting a code enforcement officer and setting a neighbor’s home on fire.

Unsealed warrants obtained by the Deseret News show Kevin Billings had a cache of weapons and explosives in his home.  Police counted 400 blasting caps in his possession, as well as a thousand yards of detonation cord.  The warrant also noted Billings used to own his own drilling and blasting company, which is why he had access to the explosives, and knowledge on how to use them.

Salt Lake County DA Sim Gill says Billings was charged with five counts of possession of explosive parts.

“That is certainly consistent with a violation of the law, and that’s why we made the allegation that we did,” Gill says.

Warrants also state there were eight guns in the house, four of them had no markings or serial numbers.  There was reportedly a rifle under a canopy, a loaded handgun on a woodpile outside, plus shotguns in a lower level hallway and in a dining area.  The warrant also says there were several boxes and bags filled with ammunition.

Gill says the Salt Lake City Police Department is still in the process of collecting information.

“Very rarely are these investigations just completely open and shut. There’s always an ongoing process of gathering information.  They’re doing their due diligence as we continue to move forward with our prosecution,” he says.

Billings is charged with aggravated murder for the killing of Jill Robinson, which could lead to the death penalty, but, Gill says they haven’t made any decisions about whether they’ll pursue that.

“We generally have 60 days after the preliminary to make that determination,” he says.