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OPINION: How this dog was brutally shot by police

An Ogden Police Officer shot a dog while on a child welfare check. The two officers were met at the driveway by an aggressive-looking pitbull. The officers asked if the dog was friendly, but the owner said no. The police officer kept walking toward the dog despite the owner’s warnings. That’s when the dog attack and Officer Grimes shot and injured the dog. The dog survived the attack.

Was it a justified shooting? This may be according to policy but is it “lawful but awful.” It is not an emergency situation so there was no reason to get within the range of the leash before talking to the owner who is within voice distance. I do not believe there was any reason for this animal to get shot.

At that moment he may have been justified, but how many choices could have been made before that moment to stop this from happening?

I can’t tell you for sure what my dog would do in this situation but I expect it to be a watchdog.

What did the dog owner do wrong?

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