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Ogden Police say shooting of dog was justified, release video

A police officer shot and injured a dog while assisting Child Protective Services during a home visit in Ogden on Aug. 28, 2018. According to the Ogden Police Department, the dog had attacked and the officer shot it to protect himself. (Ogden Police Department)

OGDEN – The shocking video of a dog being shot by an Ogden Police officer is being released to the public.  The dog survived, but the dog owners have said the shooting was uncalled for. Viewer discretion is advised.

The officers were asked by the Division of Child and Family Services to check on the house after they reportedly heard about unsafe conditions there.  As they entered the yard, a pit bull came from around a truck parked in the driveway.  Deputy Chief Eric Young says, at first, the dog walked to the officer, slowly.

“I guess the officer thought that the dog was approaching in a more friendly manner and felt like the dog could be engaged in a friendly manner.  I don’t think they would have approached it if they though an attack was imminent,” Young says.

However, just a few seconds later, the video shows the dog attacking.

Young says, “It becomes very aggressive and barking very ferociously, jumping and lunging at the officer at his neck and his throat.”

Young says the officer fired twice, hitting the dog, but not killing it.

“I think the officer just reacted quickly to protect themselves,” according to Young.

Police are asking residents to make sure their dogs don’t come into contact with police if there is going to be a potential problem.

“If you think you have a dog that may be aggressive toward an officer, stop them and let them know as their approaching the yard, ‘Hey, please stop.  Don’t come to my yard.  Let me put my dog away in some place it’ll be safe,’” Young says.

However, the dog’s owners have previously told KSL they didn’t have time to secure their dog.  They say they were trying to take their dog away before the attack and shooting happened.