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Utah’s 2 senators talk about Brett Kavanaugh

Senator Hatch Tuesday morning (courtesy Senator Hatch Office Twitter)

WASHINGTON DC — Utah’s two Senators are on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is conducting the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Senator Mike Lee said told Fox News before hand that he did expect Democrats would try to delay things.

“Their dream is to be able to punt this until they can control it,” said Lee.

But he made a prediction: “This was someone who was born for this position, this is someone who will be confirmed, and he will be confirmed decisively,” said Lee.

Senator Hatch has said leading up to the hearings that he’s “sick and tired” of the partisanship.
In his latest Op-Ed piece for The Hill, he wrote “no amount of slur or slander can change the fact that Judge Kavanaugh is a decent, honorable man who wants only what is best for our country.”

Hatch has also been holding practice sessions or mock hearings with Kavanaugh to help him get ready.