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Do you have enough pencils? 5 Simple Back to School Tips to Help You and Your Kids

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Yep! It’s here again! Back to School time. Are you and your kids ready? No one is ever 100% prepared on the first day of class, but there are some essential tips for you and your kids as they rejoin their classmates again after a lazy summer.

1. Start with the Right School Supplies

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Every year school supplies adorning the shelves of a variety of different stores indicates back to school time. Obviously, the age of your kids is going to determine if they need Crayons or Pencils, but there are some things that almost every student needs to keep organized. A binder with folders is a good place to start to give your kids a place to store homework and keep organized. and for the older kids, a binder is a great place to add a notebook to take notes. The teacher should give you or your child a good indication of what they will need prior to the start of classes. You may also want to consider what kind of technology will be needed (or not needed) for classes. Georgana Hall from ADORNit shares how to make a towering school supply cake for the first week of school.

2. A Back to School Schedule Can Help Organize Daily Tasks

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It may sound a little boring, but a simple scheduling book or day planner can help your kids get used to planning their days and weeks. Adding in days when they have tests or reminders about when homework assignments are due is a great way to prep the little ones for being organized and prepared once they are adults. Also, by having them keep this record, you can help them out with it! That way if you know they have a project coming up, you can be prepared to help them if they either are procrastinating or if they get stuck.

3. Make Sure Sleep is a Priority

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This isn’t just a tip for your children going back to school, but it’s also a tip for you. A tired child can be sluggish, grouchy, and might not be in a good place to learn. You’ll want to start by knowing the amount of sleep your child needs. Then you will want to make a schedule that takes those times into consideration as you make a schedule for you and your children. Did you look at the chart for how much sleep you need too? Making sure you are getting the appropriate amount of sleep not only sets the example for your kids but also makes it so you have the energy to keep up with them.

4. Create a Study/Homework Area

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In your home, find a small area to create a dedicated study area for your kids to do homework and projects. This should be an area with as few distractions as possible. Especially away from distractions like a tv. Of course, some technology is acceptable as long as it pertains to their assignments. You’ll want to make this semi-comfortable. It shouldn’t be a place where they want to sleep, but it should be comfortable enough that they will be alright to spend a little bit of time there to do homework and assigned projects. Make sure to not forget the school supplies here at home either!

5. Get Involved!

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The best path to success for your kids in school is to be involved with them! Help them with homework, even if you aren’t that good at the subject they are studying. Projects can be fun to help with too, especially research-based ones. If you kids need a little push you can help them overcome those mental block obstacles. Your involvement as a parent in their schooling is a major factor that will help lead to their success!