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Six fires along I-80 from Tooele to Summit Counties may be linked

SUMMIT COUNTY – The person behind an arson fire in Summit County may be behind several more.  Investigators say they believe there is a connection between the Trevels fire east of Echo Reservoir and five others along I-80 spanning from Tooele to Summit Counties.

Declaring a blaze as an arson is not something investigators take lightly.  Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands Spokesperson Leann Fox says, “There needs to be significant evidence for them to determine that it was intentionally started.”

Fox says witness statements and physical evidence seems to point in one direction.

“Based on evidence at the fires, witness information, and other factors, there seems to be a pretty strong tie between all six fires,” she adds.

Chuck Hadley has a property in the Echo Creek Ranches.  He’s under a pre-evacuation order, an all he can do is wait to see if the fire spreads close to his home.

“Our concern is that the winds up here are really unpredictable,” Hadley says.

He believes evacuating his home will be extremely tricky if it’s ordered.

Hadley says, “What do you do?  We’re two miles from the pavement.  If they decide they’re going to evacuate, how are you going to get in there and get your stuff?”

The Trevels fire has charred 585 acres and is 25 percent contained.