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A local sheriff is getting called to the White House to discuss immigration reform.
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Utah sheriff invited to D.C. to discuss immigration reform

WASHINGTON D.C. – A local sheriff, along with other law enforcement agency leaders from all over the country, is being called to the White House to tackle the issue of immigration reform.

Davis County Sheriff Todd Richardson is in Washington D.C. all this week to meet with President Trump and other lawmakers to talk about things like border security, e-verification and fighting against drug cartels smuggling narcotics across the border.

“Every community has an influence of drug trafficking and the drug trade.  It knows no social or economic boundaries,” according to Chief Deputy Ty Berger.

Why was Richardson asked to be part of the discussion?

Berger says, “Sheriff Richardson has been a part of a lot of action groups, one of them being FAIR, which is an acronym for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.”

Berger adds that Richardson happily accepted the invitation, believing that if any solutions are going to be found, they can’t be one-sided.

“We need to have an open dialogue with all the people that it affects across the country.”