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Health officials confirmed a case of norovirus in Orem Thursday one day after announcing a possible outbreak in the Alpine School District.
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Health officials confirm a case of norovirus in Orem


OREM – The Utah County Health Department confirmed a case of norovirus in Orem affecting an elementary student Thursday.

The child did go to the doctor with symptoms and was tested.

On Wednesday officials reported the norovirus to be contained in just Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. The agency sent a letter to parents notifying them of the possible outbreak and to keep children home 72 hours after diarrhea and vomiting had stopped.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list the symptoms for norovirus as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain.

Health officials say anyone with symptoms should not prepare food for anyone else as the virus can be easily passed from hands to food.