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Promoting family meal time

Image from Eat Well Utah

Utah leaders hope families can start having more meals together.

The Governor has declared September as Healthy Family Meals Month. Research shows it brings a family closer.

Children are more likely to have better physical and mental health, a higher self esteem, lower suicide risk, and do better in school.

“If you have stronger family ties, you can talk to your parents if you are having issues at school, or you are concerned about your mental health or depression you can talk to your parents about that,” said Rebecca Fronberg, EPICC Assistant Program Manager at the Utah Department of Health.

“Opening up that communication line can really help the kids feel comfortable that they have a lifeline,” she said.

Lt Governor Spencer Cox and his family demonstrated in this YouTube video:

Fronberg says try once a week if you need help getting started, and it can be any meal of the day.

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