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THE MOVIE SHOW: Weekend Roundup

The Megaplex theatres in Utah were one of the last groups to close when social distancing first began. And like moviegoers across the state, they are looking forward to safely watching a film on the big screen.

SALT LAKE CITY — Several movies are making their debut in theaters this weekend, and Doug Wright and Steve Salles, hosts of the KSL Movie Show, have their take on what you can expect.

A Simple Favor ( R )

sexual content and language throughout, some graphic nude images, drug use, and violence

Movie Show Grade: B+


If you like a whodunnit, then you’ll really like this movie.

“The thing that is so unique about this movie,” says Doug Wright, is that “sometimes it’s just kind of a dark comedy and other times, well, it’s kind of a thriller with a few comedic moments.

“It is a comedy, It is a thriller, It is dramatic, and they weave it together is such an interesting way where this movie has more twists and turns and bizarre subplots that go into both of the characters pasts than I thought there’d be.

“It works. It fits. It’s dark. It’s funny, and I have to tell you, Steve, I like this movie quite a bit!”

The Predator ( R )

strong bloody violence, language throughout, and crude sexual references

Movie Show Grade: B+


“This movie is a goofy fun interesting mess,” said Steve Salles.

Showing on over 4000 screens, Salles says Director Shane Black’s homage to John McTiernan’s 1987 Predator movie is filled with lines and easter eggs harkening back to the original.

“It’s hysterical, but it doesn’t always work,” says Salles. “It’s a mess of a movie. I mean, at a few points I was like, ‘What? Okay, now we’re funny. Oh, well, that guy just died. That’s not funny,’ and so this is a weird mix of all these different ideas and thoughts. One minute they’re all crazy and the next they’re in a hotel room having drinks.

“It’s an entertaining mess though I have been watching this, so that’s the key difference is you’re going to come out of there going, ‘Huh? Well, that’s different.’ But I can’t deny the fact that I had a good time.”

White Boy Rick ( R )

language throughout, drug content, violence, some sexual references, and brief nudity

Movie Show Grade: B

WARNING: Trailer may contain some language


“This movie is better than I thought it was going to be,” said Steve Salles.

“White Boy Rick is set in Detroit where 15-year-old Rick becomes one of the youngest drug kingpins in American history and it’s all based on a true story. It stars this kid named Richie Merritt who’s never been in a movie before, and he is incredible.

“The more this movie went on the more endeared to these characters I became, and it’s just a great little movie.”

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