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Order up, Heinz introduces ‘Mayochup’

SALT LAKE CITY — Heinz announced Monday that their mix of ketchup and mayonnaise, so-called “Mayochup,” will be coming to stores in select cities – and possibly elsewhere, now that enough people have said they want it.

Do you remember mixing your own ketchup and mayonnaise together to make the perfect combination of what we Utahns call fry sauce?

Unless you cherish your own concoction, the days of mixing and measuring might be coming to an end.

Residents nationwide were given the chance to vote the new product into their city. Here was the “ketch” — people were able to vote for their city via Heinz Ketchup’s Twitter poll.

Fry sauce fanatics in Chicago made their voice heard to become the first to dip their fries in Mayochup and the city will soon receive food trucks offering fries with free samples of Mayochup.

Mayochup will be available in 16.5 oz squeeze bottles at a retail price of $3.49 at most retailers in those select cities, including Walmart.

You may recognize fry sauce as a Utah creation, but there are varying degrees of the pink concoction.

Heinz’s Mayochup may become one of just a few available options for bottled fry sauce; however, Mayochup will have more stiff, sweet, and salty competition on Utah’s store shelves.