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Fans get first preview at MCU’s latest superhero, Captain Marvel

It was over two years ago that Brie Larson got the official nod to play the superhero Captain Marvel in the comic book’s cinematic universe and Tuesday fans finally got a little taste of what’s to come.

Marvel officially released the first trailer for the hero’s film.

The trailer gives an idea of the story. It begins with the superhero (real name Carol Danvers) falling from they sky and crashing through a Blockbuster video store, suggesting the story begins in the past. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury voice tracks the beginning before revealing to be a much younger Fury.

It also shows the superhero’s struggle with remembering exactly where she is from, showing flashbacks to her time on earth before gaining her powers.

Comic book fans have eagerly awaited this release because this will be the first female-superhero solo in the Marvel cinematic universe. Larson also expressed her excitement today on Twitter.

It is set to be released March 8, 2019.