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Miracle Mountain
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Few trees unscathed in large Bald Mountain Fire

FILE - Photos of areas affected by the Bald Mountain Fire 2018

PAYSON CANYON — Fire crews are dealing with more strong winds at two large wildfires burning in southern Utah County where reporters toured a burnt out campsite.

Their bus driver, Ryan Albiston of Orem, often camps near Nebo Loop Road in Payson Canyon.

“A couple of months ago, I could walk up to a tree, and now I can’t because it might fall on me,” said Ryan Albiston of Orem. “It’s weird seeing it not so green.”

For now, many burnt trunks stand amidst a few trees that the Bald Mountain Fire didn’t burn.

Fire Spokesman Patrick Costin says hotshot crews are working late this year.

“Typically, we’re finished by late August or early September, but it stays hotter and drier longer,” Costin said. “So that fire season gets extended.”

Burnt trees could fall months from now so crews have to cut some down before reopening the campground.

The Bald Mountain Fire, along with the Pole Creek Fire burning next to it has consumed 100,000 acres of land but no homes so far.