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cattle shootings
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Utah wildfires causing havoc for cattle owners

The Humane Society of Utah offers a reward for information about cattle shooting cases.

BALD MOUNTAIN — Fire analysts say the Bald Mountain and Pole Creek wildfires are the kinds of disasters from which some cattle owners may not ever recover.

Ranchers will frequently feed their animals on their own property during the winter months but in the summer they depend on the grass growing in the mountains.

Bald Mountain Fire Spokesman Dan Dallas says it could take up to three years for the grazing to get back to normal but some ranchers won’t last that long due to having problems finding areas for their animals to graze.

“When something like this happens, it just totally disrupts that pattern that they’re used to and it has financial consequences that can be tremendous,” Dallas said in an interview.

“It is not unusual for folks like that to go out of business,” Dallas added.

If the rancher is able to hold on until the new grass grows in, the grazing will be amazing but the wait may be too long for some ranchers.