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Nebo School District considers debt collectors for unpaid school fees

FILE PHOTO (Adobe Stock)

SPANISH FORK — The Nebo School District might soon start having debt collectors call to help recoup unpaid school fees.

The district has an estimate of its accounts receivable balance, and it’s certainly not chump change.

“There’s approximately $100,000 in debt that has not been collected,” says district spokesperson Lana Hiskey.

Hiskey says school administrators do just about everything in their power to accommodate parents unable to pay the fees, including offering waivers, discounts, and payment plans. They want to make clear the debt collectors will be calling those who are able to pay the fees and continue not to do so.

“It’s really for those that after multiple tries by phone, by email, by going to their home,” says Hiskey. “Checking in with these parents and then they continue to ignore the bill that’s owed.”

Additionally, educators want to have good working relationships with parents.

“By being the bill collector, that sometimes could sever that relationship,” Hiskey says.

Furthermore, the bulk of these unpaid fees are for larger expenses which take students off campus, such as out-of-state competitions or field trips. Hiskey says the district will not be able to continue offering those experiences if the fees are not paid.

The school board is still considering the proposal to recruit a debt collector, and it could be several months before the district moves forward.